Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Uneventful...

Another blogger I love is Caitlin Boyle over at Healthy Tipping Point.  She's really into dry cereal with yogurt for breakfast.  I typically need milk with my cereal. (Recently, it's been almond milk.)  However, the other day, her breakfast really intrigued me and I decided to try it for myself since I had everything on hand.  Into the bowl:

  • Plain nonfat greek yogurt
  • A drizzle of honey (Caitlin doesn't do the honey, but I'm not that hardcore.)
  • Some cereal - I used Gorilla Munch
  • Sliced banana

The combo was REALLY good.  May definitely become a breakfast regular.

Lunch was such a "MOM" lunch, it made me laugh.
I made Aaron a PB&J...with apple slices and a yogurt tube.

Here's what I had:

Remnants of the train sandwich and the final few apple slices that were in the bag. Where I actually found a few pieces that Aaron had gnawed on and put BACK in the bag.  I'm hoping it was from Aaron, at least.  (He had been eating them straight out of the bag a couple days ago.)

This evening, we went to a new favorite park.  It has an amazing play structure and sandbox for Aaron...

...and a nice jogging trail that goes around the park for me and Mike!  I need to take my Garmin to see how long the trail is.  We're estimating >1 mile...but not 2 miles. ??? So, tonight, Mike and I took turns running while the other person watched Aaron.

We left the park at 8, and hadn't had dinner, we stopped by Safeway on the way home and grabbed a take-n-bake pizza and salad.  Not the most healthy, but it'll do.

Since we're all off time-wise with the late dinner, Aaron is still up (way past his bedtime), so mom duties are calling.  Literally.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going GREEN!

As I had shared earlier, I had made Kimberly Snyder's "glowing green smoothie" and was a little less than excited about the results.  However, I saw potential in the recipe.  There are so many GREEN foods in it as well - the nutrition content must be amazing!! (I'll have to look that up.)  So, I was determined to make it more the likelihood of my drinking MORE of it would actually go up.

We had a fun trip to our local farmer's market on Saturday and I had picked up a big bag of kale.

It was only after I had purchased it that the guy told me there were about 4-5 varieties in the bag.  
More than one exists??  I was only familiar with the typically seen "Curly Leaf" kale.  So, upon opening the bag, it was like a scientific classification game.  After dumping all the kale out and organizing it into piles based on appearance, I did some internet research to figure out what type each was.

Kale is considered a superfood based on its nutrient density.  It has tons of antioxidants and is considered an anti-inflammatory. There are, indeed, several different types of kale.  I had these types:

Since I had it on hand, I decided to use some of the kale as a base for my green smoothie.  I sampled the different types and the plain-leaved kale had the mildest flavor and softest leaf (allowing for easier blending).  So, I pulled the leaves off the stems (those are pretty tough) and chopped up a good 2 handfuls of it.

The main issues I had with the "Glowing Green Smoothie" was the thickness and the fact that I couldn't fit an entire batch in my blender.  I had to pour out 1/2 and blend...then add it back it.  It was a hassle, and a mess!  So, for my smoothie, I wanted it to be easily drinkable and portioned so one batch would fit in my blender.

I think the key to this smoothie is BLENDING.  Now, a Vita-Mix would work wonders here...but, I don't have, you just have to let it blend longer...and blend well after adding each ingredient. I'm not making any promises of "glowing" ...but it is super healthy!

Jennie's Super Green Smoothie

2 cups Water
2 handfuls of chopped kale, stems removed (If you can find the plain-leaved, go with that...otherwise, regular curly-leaved would be fine)

1 handful of baby spinach
2 stalks of celery
1 apple - cored and chopped
1 pear - cored and chopped
2 bananas
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Place water and kale in blender.  Blend well.
Add each ingredient individually and blend well.
Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. 
Drink a glass full each morning and enjoy! 

Blend, Blend, Blend...
Yay! A FULL batch fit in my blender!
Then, absolute utter success was when my munchkin grabbed my glass, took a drink and said, "Mmm! Good!"  

So, make a batch and enjoy!!

Now, for transparency sake, I'm a sucker for baked goods...and ice cream.  All it takes is a glimpse of a brownie and I'm done for. They had a 4-pack of these babies for $1.99 at Safeway.  How could I pass that up?? It's a raspberry-filled croissant cup thingy...

I was talking to my hubby about the green smoothie as I started eating one of these.  He laughed and threatened to start a blog titled, "What Jen's REALLY eating..."

I do love nutrition and get excited about healthy food...but I'm far from perfect.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Birthday Treat

I had recently gotten this cookbook:


...but hadn't made anything from it.  Until today.  It was Mike's aunt's birthday yesterday and I wanted to make her a fun treat.   She's a veganish vegetarian...yeah, I just made up that term.  Essentially, she tries to eat vegan a lot but doesn't totally adhere to the label - especially when eating away from home. 

We had gone to the local farmer's market yesterday and I picked up some raspberries.

So, when I flipped through the book and saw a recipe for "Skinny" Vanilla Cupcakes with a raspberry topping, I knew those had to be the ones to make.

I've made vegan muffins before, but not cupcakes.  I've really found vegan baking to be easy - and really yummy.

The naked cupcake.  

I had to try one right out of the oven - just to make sure they were edible.
More than edible!!  They are a little spongier than your typical cupcake.  But really, flavor-wise, I doubt anyone would really suspect these didn't have eggs...and did have soy milk.

The recipe called to spread on some all-fruit jam. 

Then came the raspberries...and a drizzle of your basic powdered sugar icing.

I will definitely be trying some of the other recipes in this book! These were delicious.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blogger Adolescence

I'm feeling like a jr. higher when it comes to blogging.  A little awkward looking, still trying to figure things out, and in desperate need of some fashion guidance.

So, as I sit here and rock out to some Ace of Base, I thought I'd try a food-log style entry.  Hence, the name of this blog is, "What's Jen Eating," so I might as well go that route.

While on vacation, I had a conversation with my Dad and had mentioned that I rarely eat salad.  Shocked, he was all, "Really? What do you eat!?"  I think it's a huge misnomer that all vegetarians eat is salad.  There are SO many yummy things to eat out there without meat that is not salad.

That said, ironically, today I did eat a salad for lunch.  Haha...

To begin the day, I had a green smoothie.  Green Monsters have been somewhat of a staple of mine for about a year now.  I love them.  My basic one is ice, about 1/4 cup of raw oatmeal, a banana, and a couple handfuls of baby spinach.  Blend it up and enjoy.  I know it sounds weird, but can't taste the spinach!  It tastes like banana.

Well, I recently heard Kimberly Snyder on the radio promoting her book, The Beauty Detox Solution.  It seemed like the basis of her "solution" is in a green smoothie.  I looked it up and decided to give it a try. This thing is hardcore.  It's a head of romaine, celery, spinach, an apple, a pear, a banana, lemon juice, cilantro & parsley (optional but I had them, so used them).  As a friend of mine commented about the batch she made, "it's more like salsa than a smoothie!"  I'm determined to tweak this and make it more palatable...but in an effort to use the batch that I had on hand, I used it as a base this morning and then added a banana, oatmeal, and ice...and blended it some more.  It was MUCH better.

For lunch, I had lots of leftovers. I threw together a salad because I had lettuce left over from that batch of green smoothie I made.  In the mix was romaine, a broccoli-slaw (shredded broccoli stems, cabbage, carrots) mix I had, some baby carrots, celery, and Mama Pea's Mmm Sauce.  Then, on the side, I had some Wheat Thins with vegan ricotta I had made for a pasta dish the night before.

I spent most of the day studying for my NCLEX while Mike took Aaron to Seattle to go to the Pacific Science Center.  They stopped by Pike's Market and got me flowers on the way home!!  I love my boys.

That said, dinner was about as thrown together as lunch.  We stopped by the store and I was inspired by some Naan I saw to make a curry dish, knowing that I had some Trader Joe's Yellow Curry sauce in the pantry.

This stuff is awesomesauce. Hehe...  Sorry, had to.  Seriously though, you throw together some veggies, pour it on top, and serve with rice or naan.  It's delicious!

Our dinner consisted of onion, potatoes, red bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, and Quorn Chik'n tenders...with naan.

I forgot to take a picture when it was plated.  It wasn't until I took our plates to the sink that I remembered I was doing this post today and I needed to take a picture!

This naan was really yummy. It's from British Columbia...which I almost feel is somewhat local since we're so far up here now. Hehe...

So, thanks for being on this journey with me.  I've had the urge to do a food blog for a while now and I'm really hoping to get it up and out all the kinks of what style of blog I'm going to have  and get consistent with posting.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New house = New Kitchen!

We recently moved up to the Seattle area and I LOVE our new place.  It literally has everything I had on my "want" list for a place.  Unfortunately, we're just renting and I have a feeling it's going to be hard to leave in a year.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy my new kitchen.  It's gorgeous.  Lots of space, including an actual pantry!  Plus, it has a gas stovetop.  The only person I've ever known to have a gas stove is my grandma.  Now, every time I start my stove, all these memories come up of cooking with my grandma.  I had no idea it'd have that affect on me, but I love it.

While unpacking my kitchen stuff, I found a bag of kamut flour that I'd picked up at Bob's Red Mill a while ago so I could make these cookies.  I have no idea what kamut is, but Angela at Oh She Glows had done several trials with this cookie and pretty much said you had to use kamut.  I had made a batch a while ago and they are amazing.  Definitely a favorite - especially since Mike and Aaron enjoy them.  (Especially for Aaron, anytime I can get him to eat something healthy, it's an exciting moment.)

So, Aaron and I decided to make Angela's Strawberry Thumbprints the other day.
Aaron really enjoyed helping and it was so fun having him in the kitchen actually cooking with me instead of tearing stuff apart or hanging on my legs.

He LOVED pushing the button on the Cuisinart.  

Cookies all prepped and ready for the strawberry jam.

Ready for the oven...

The finished product.  They are delicious...obviously, as this batch didn't last 24 hours in our house. 

Now, I found this on my last trip to Trader Joe's...

Sugar, Chocolate, and Coffee Bean grinder?!?! At $1.99, how could I pass it up??  Now, I'm just trying to figure out what to put it on.  I added some to my coffee this morning.  It was delicious!